Friday, December 09, 2005

Malaria risks ignored

As British tourists become more ambitious in their choice of holiday destination, they must also be aware of the possible dangers encountered when visiting tropical countries. There has been a particular rise in the number of tourists visiting African countries as media coverage and internet make such places seem more accessible to the average holidaymaker. Yet recent cases of malaria amongst tourist and business travellers to Gambia in West Africa, including two deaths, have triggered warnings from the Health Protection Agency.

For malaria tablets to be effective they must be taken in advance of the visit and in some cases for a period of time after returning, it seems that some people are neglecting to do this, either through lack of knowledge or misinformation. So whilst it is excellent that people are venturing further afield in their travels, it is critical that information is passed on as to what health implications need to be considered for any visit, if you are in any doubt, or visiting somewhere for the firstt time, please contact your doctor for health advice.


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